Hand Well Pumps, Composting Toilets, Rainwater Harvesting

Being Water specializes in water use products that get back to basics. We want to help you make the most of your available water resources. 


Hand Well Pumps


We produce Hand Well Pumps for emergency  and long term permanent operation at very affordable prices. The quality of our pumps is of primary concern. Once you install a Handy Well Pump you will wonder why you waited so long to put one in your well or cistern. Our hand water pumps can be installed alongside electric pumps in most wells down to 2" in diameter. The Handy Well Pump can be adapted for windmill and solar operation.  READ MORE...

Natures Head Composting ToiletsNatures Head Self Contained Composting Toilet
To Conserve Water.
Natures Head is the perfect waterless toilet solution whether you are using it on a boat, RV, or in a summer cabin or remote homestead. It is the most economical self contained composting toilet on the market It's simple to use and simple to maintain. Plus it can save up to 30,000 gallons of fresh water a year in full time use. READ MORE...

Rainwater Harvesting


We build Rainwater Harvesting components that are simple to install and operate, made from domestic materials, and they aren't shipped half way around the world. Our Floating Intake Filters are second to none, built with durability and affordability in mind.


Hoop Houses


Our Hoop House pages in our Urban Farming section is still in it's infancy. And as we work to finish designing affordable local components to help you provide year around home grown food for your family with your own green house and/or aquaponics system, we will be filling those pages with important educational resources.


The products we offer...

...are simple by design. Which means that are simple to install and operate. Most require no electricity in order to function. If a product of ours does use electricity, we make certain that it has a way of being connected via a solar panel. Our Rainwater Harvesting line of products and the Hand Well Pumps are made here in Fort Bragg, Ca.