About Being Water-experts in water conservation, rainwater harvesting, hand well pumps

Being Water- puts water conservation in your hands. That is on our logo and we are very serious about not only conservation but but about the wise use of water that will encourage the return of our natural hydrological cycles that have been disrupted by man made global climate changes. Our products are manufactured in the USA to cut down on environmental problems associated with importing from over seas. 90% of our products are assembled in our,soon to be, completely solar powered work shop.

Being Water was started in 2008 because of a  need in the marketplace for companies specializing in water conservation practices that go beyond the typical imported, latest gadget that would break in a year or two. It was and is important to develop a new kind of business philosophy that breaks through the consumer mentality barrier that we as sentient beings and citizens have been fooled into believing.

We are a bootstrap company. No grants, No public support other than our own inventiveness.

Both principals Bruce Broderick and Eileen Broderick are very active in the Bruce and Eileencommunity.
Bruce has given a number of free workshops on rainwater catchment, Grey water recycling and Greenhouse construction.
Eileen has participated in these numerous workshops and runs the book keeping aspects of the business.
Both are current active officers and members of the local Fort Bragg Grange
Bruce leads the local Alcohol as Fuel Group at the Grange.
Bruce and Eileen work at the monthly Grange breakfast that benefits students needing scholarships.